Nusteel Homes will assist with design in all areas of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania

With very strict controls on building these days with restrictive covenants, environmental protections, building envelopes etc etc we are in a great position to assist our clients get through the obstacles with government regulations.
When you purchase your kit home through Nusteel we provide a Building Permit Application pack which removes a lot of the concerns about providing the extra information Council usually requests.

We assist you with your application as an Owner Builder so you have all the correct information and certificates when you apply for your permit to build

We work with you to ensure that you develop the best possible plan for your property.

The result is a home that reflects your distinctive lifestyle, is comfortable, and achieves design efficiency and value for money and is simple to erect either by yourselves or by a sub-contractor you can select.

We assist with the building process to make it as simple as possible.

Our comprehensive Building Manual takes you through the steps necessary to complete your home

Obviously there are some stages you cannot complete unless you are licensed in that trade. For example all electrical work and works associated with water, gas and sewerage must be completed by an appropriately licensed contractor

By taking the organisation of the building program we can guarantee that you will not lose control of the process of building. We encourage your communication as after-all we are a team from the start.

With Nusteel Homes you choose: You have total control of the project

: You engage us to assist with the project



We have a good reputation for supplying FLOORS for homes on  SLOPING sites

We use an excellent box beam system that is extremely simple to erect and even has stumps that have adjustable heads so you get the floor totally level.

We have means to maintain your energy rating even though you may choose a stump floor, or have to use a stump floor because of site constraints



Select a plan you like and provide us with any modifications you may want and we will have your estimate back to you within five working days.

If you have your own plan, send it to

Remember there are a great number of advantages when you use steel:

. Reduce the risk of fire

. No termite destruction of your most valuable asset

. No borers, no rot, no twisting of structural members

. Your ability to control the project

.Your ability to save money by using your own sweat equity

.You control the speed of the construction

. You control the delivery of materials



The first part of your journey is to establish a floor plan that best suits your needs.

After establishing your floor plan we would then ask for a deposit to enable us to complete the plans to a Preliminary stage. You have an opportunity to modify the plans at this stage but any further changes from this point will incur a re-design charge.

If all matters are to your liking we have a Kit Supply Agreement completed.

This document lists all of the items you have selected in your purchase. All the external colors will be selected at the time this document is signed.

The Kit Supply Agreement also list each of the stage payments that will be required during the progress of your building program.

Once you approve the plan we would advise you of the items you need to do to help us complete your Council Pack for a Building Permit.

Things like a Bushfire Attack Level ( BAL ) rating

6 star Energy Rating

Soil Test and site survey for contours

Foundation design ( a slab or Stumps pads )

To keep the process moving we require the pre-manufacture payment to enable us to start the floor or frame manufacture. These payments are due before we commence any stage. We have our clients  start reading the Construction Manual

Before delivery a further payment is required to fulfil the requirement of that stage.

There are up to six different deliveries



Once the Council or Independent Building surveyor has the information necessary for a permit for you to proceed, they will issue a building permit.

Now you are set to go!

To view our ‘Kit Inclusions List’ click HERE

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