Nusteel Homes will assist with design in most areas of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania

With very strict controls on building these days with restrictive covenants, environmental protections, building envelopes etc etc we are in a great position to assist our clients get through the obstacles with government regulations.

As each property is unique  so is the design and working with you we ensure that you develop the best possible outcome for your property. This is not only vitally important in for the protection of your most important asset but is essential in optimising your site’s potential.

The result is a home that reflects your distinctive lifestyle, is comfortable, and achieves design efficiency and value for money

How would you like the process of building your new to be seamless with as little disruption as possible?

We can guarantee that you will not lose control of the process of building. We encourage your communication as after-all we are a team from the start.

With Nusteel Homes you choose:

  • You have total control of the project
  • You engage us to assist with the project
  • You can have us do everything


We have a good reputation for supplying homes on sites other builders won’t touch. Engage our consultants in discussing your site and the solution that best suits your needs.

We have means to maintain your energy rating even though you may choose a stump floor or have to use a stump floor because of site constraints.


Browse through our  easy to follow floor plans, make some choices, or even get our designers to assist with your plan development.

If you have your own plan then let us do an estimate for you

Remember there are a great number of advantages when you use steel:

  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • No termite destruction of your most valuable asset
  • No borers, no rot, no twisting of structural members


The first part of your journey is to establish a floor plan that best suits your needs

From this stage should you wish to proceed to design stage, we would expect a deposit of $ 3,000 to commence such works. Obviously this is deducted from the cost of the home.

The time taken to get your design to an acceptance stage can take up to six weeks during which time we utilise our architectural  creativity with inputs from our planning, estimator and in-house builders.

This helps to maintain efficiencies in building without sacrificing quality or architectural integrity and overall buildability of the project.

From this we will create a tender document which will detail all details, finishes, selections and inclusions specific to your home.

Included in this document will be any extra items you may wish to include that wasn’t in the original Tender document, or items you may have added through the colour selection process.


Once the design, tender price and details are finalised the next step is the submission of the application to build your new home to your local  Council.

At this stage the balance of 5% of the project is required which goes towards the standard reports, soil tests, foundation designs, plans and documents. This amount is deducted from the overall new home investment.


A Contract is prepared prior to the Building Permit  Approvals stage and given to our clients for their approval, to be executed which allows us to provide the necessary insurance for warranty to supply to Council.

At this stage a full Specification that encompasses all the items agreed upon in the Tender document will be established. This document is relied upon in making sure we provide all the promises we make for your new home.

We undertake to commence work within fourteen days from the issue of the permit.


We like to introduce our clients to their Site Manager or approved builder in your area who will be responsible for all site meetings you may wish to have for a discussion on the project progress or any questions you may have.

Our interest will remain throughout the building process, until you are able to accept the keys for the door

At each stage of construction there will be a site walk-through to explain where we are at on your project. We appreciate that you have an interest in the project but strongly advise that all your questions are addressed to the Site Manager and NOT any site trades.

We will be sending out stage claims once each stage is completed.

The stages are:

  • Base – when the slab or floor system is complete
  • Frame –  when the frame has all trusses fitted and roof battens fitted and fixed to the foundation
  • Lockup one – Roof on and Windows fitted
  • Lockup two – All external cladding and external doors fitted
  • Fixout – Plaster, insulation, electrical and plumbing rough-ins, internal woodwork
  • Completion – All joinery, painting, tiling and hardware ( including cookware) fitted and signed off for
    Compliance. And finally a Certificate to Occupy your new home is issued

Seven days before you expect hand-over of the home your site Manager will walk through the property to make sure we have built to your expectation. If there are any small things that are still required we will ensure they are completed within a seven day period.

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